A Trusted Recruiting Partner

Based on Knowledge. Built around the Denver Legal Community

mpd Partners is a Denver-based legal search and attorney recruiting firm founded by Elizabeth Dahill, a veteran legal recruiter. From inception, mpd Partners' core business has been to create reliable and flexible solutions for our clients. Today, our Denver legal recruiters are constantly evolving our services by building our network, expanding our knowledge and furthering our legal industry connections in Denver and nationally.

We are in the relationship business- mpd Partners develops long lasting relationships with our clients in the legal profession, some go back 20 years. This gives us in-depth understanding of our clients' businesses, which enables us to recruit the talent most compatible with their culture and strategy. Above all, we value quality — the quality of the service we provide our clients and the way we treat our candidates.  mpd Partners has built a reputation in Denver by earning the trust of our clients and attorney candidates.

mpd Partners utilizes transparency to enter into a genuine partnership, working together to share all information and updates on our progress in a professional, proactive and open manner.

mpd Partners' legal industry presence in Denver, relationship with the Denver attorney community, and continued success throughout both the region and nationally is an undeniable effect of our unique approach. We understand today’s business challenges, and share common goals with our clients in recruiting, attracting, retaining, and improving the most important aspect of any organization – its people.

We are Committed to Building Lasting Relationships.

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